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The Poochie Glam Sweet Dream Spa

The Poochie Glam Sweet Dream Spa

Bringing together luxury, glamour and serenity by offering our guests a diversified array of specialty treatment’s in an exceptional ambiance. Our treatments have been customized and delicately balanced to heal and revitalize the mind and body. Discover our state of the art equipment and lavish amenities in our one of a kind Sweet Dream Oasis Spa, a true dogs dream….

Spa Services

Furadiance Treatments fur enhancements
Dog Fur Coloring
Enhancing and intensifying fur color treatment
(black and copper)
Restore color brilliance $12
Fur coloring
Eliminate oily coat treatment $12
Knots removal treatment

Paw Glamour
Nail clipping $10
Nail filing & buffing $15
Paw fur style $15
Pawlish $12
Pawdicure (Paw soak, balm massage, nail Clip, and paw fur trim) $20

Healing Treatments
coat and body healing

Flea bath$8

Itchy skin therapy$10
A medicated shampoo is applied from head to paw messaging the product way down into the body relieving our guest from dandruff and dry, itchy skin.

Hot spot therapy$40
A revolutionary four-step process designed specifically for guests with aggressive skin conditions. This formula is combined with the healing qualities of natural organic ingredients and fast acting florets of sulfur, which attack microbes, fungi and destroy infection, relieving painful itchiness and redness. (Products are supplied for at home follow up therapy)

Shed-less treatment$30
This special anti-shedding treatment dramatically reduces the mess and clean up of unwanted pet fur. The secret to our treatment is a patent-pending tool and product designed to stop the shedding where it begins in the undercoat, reducing the amount of dander and airborne elements that cause allergic reactions for many dog owners.

Stinky le pew skunk treatment$40
This treatment is mixed with odor fighting agent and neutralizing ingredients which are applied and left to soak into the coat, a light scrub is given to enhance the reaction of the formula. The treatment is repeated as required and is concluded with a gentle, yet thorough, cleansing shampoo finished with a towel dry used to remove remaining odor trapping oils.

Spa Treatments
coat and body conditioning

Butterfly glow (Hydration)$14
Your pooch will experience a deep drench of moisture from our Crème Shea butter mask, rich in antioxidants and nourishing vitamins accompanied by Hazel nut oil painted over the coat for resilience, and luster, leaving the coat and skin feeling smooth like pure heaven.

Sweet energy (Circulation)$18
Energize and Invigorate your pooch's body in a Dead Sea mineral bath soak, infused with stimulating gingko biloba extracts designed to relax the muscles and enhance micro-circulation of the blood. Gently massaging a peppermint serum into the coat, penetrating deeply to release a cooling sensation to the body for optimal circulation benefits. Concluding with a deodorizing and toning green tomato shampoo and conditioner removing dirt attracting residues and leaving coat soft and shiny.

Blueberry bliss (Facial)$13
Achieve a fresh, clear and radiant complexion with our facial therapy specifically designed for dark under eye circles caused by tired teary eyes. This deep cleansing mask with special optical brighteners reduces facial stress and tension revealing a healthier noticeable glow.

Deep sea clay mask (Detox)$22
A relaxing swirl of clay is applied to the body for an intense therapeutic, detoxifying and purification process, bringing the coat back to a natural state. Then massaged deeply with a green tea extract and wrapped with a warm towel to optimize the reconstruction of damaged fur and skin. Powerful ingredients that alleviate arthritis and relieve tension in stiff and sore muscles while removing toxins from the body. Then rinsed and immersed in a eucalyptus and ylang-ylang bath soak, with a strong and spicy herbal aroma to awaken the senses and provide combined healing powers inside and out.

Vanilla splash (Relief)$15
This treatment begins with a warm Zen bubble bath including tea tree oil and rain forest remedies to sooth irritated skin and reduces flaking. Followed by a warm vanilla body wrap, rich in ultra-creamy milk base products, nourishing and replenishing dry skin and restoring the balance of pH levels.

Glamour (Pamper Deluxe Package)$35
Go from shabby to chic with our revolutionary high quality signature package. The pampering begins with an aromatic soak of star jasmine and sweet citrus soothing the body and soul. Followed by the combining strength of an intensive facial with vanilla breath freshener, paw and body massage, and a customized fur care concentrate to support skin health and boost the coats volume promoting a fuller and fluffier fur. Splashed with glitter mist, a true look of dazzling beauty and Glamour!

  • All services above must be accompanied by an à la carte hand blow dry unless accompanied with a viva groom or a wash and go package. Prices above do not include de matting.

Note: Above pricing is generalized and may vary based on different breeds, grooming time, coat conditions, degree of difficulty and aggressive temperament. We charge a cancellation fee if we are not notified of cancelations 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. Taxes are not included and prices are subject to change without notice.

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