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The Poochie Glam Salon Services

The Poochie Glam Salon Services

At Le Salon et Spa Poochie Glam, we believe that overall well-being is essential for a healthier and happier quality of life for your dog. We have established a variety of pioneering selections in fur styling techniques, elite cleansing products, and beneficial spa services to accommodate the grooming needs and beauty routines of each of our guests while maintaining their own individuality….

Because every dog is unique and wants to be treated as an individual, we offer a specialized examination of fur and skin type for each of our guests. The results of the study will determine the best type of grooming system most adequate for our guests, and will allow us to share our findings with our clients. A documented trail of history of services rendered and of fur care products used will be kept on file, starting from the very first visit at our salon.

Our guests deserve products of the highest quality and that is exactly what we deliver. Our products are European designed and contain the finest ingredients, delivering professional results and proven dermatological benefits enhancing each guests unique skin and coat type.

Our state of the art equipment is modeled after old proven traditional methods that work wonders. All of our equipment is manually hand operated by our professionals ensuring our guests are never left alone. We do not believe in cage drying and automated spa machines.